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Celebrating your hand crafted life!

As a multi-dimensional creative, I have delved deep into many industries. 




As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and before that in fast-paced sales and marketing, my passion is to share what I do and make with as many who desire or need it.

My portfolio of Business, Art, and Entrepreneurship illustrates my touch points.

I have a large following in clothing in both the ready-to-wear and couture markets; the Craft Industry including quilting and garment sewing; and of course, ART.

Surface Design is a love for me, and I am currently designing for one of the largest fabric manufacturers in the world, owned by a major sewing machine brand.

My secret, take each opportunity as it presents itself. Don't rush! Enjoy each path you take, it will be so much more rewarding.


What is your passion?

I know you know what it is, but I want you to say it out loud!

Say it.

Okay, so now we know the what? Let's turn that into a sustainable and joyful business that will generate revenue!

How does that sound?

It can start to feel overwhelming just to think in those terms, but let me tell you a little secret! If you take it one step at a time and keep reminding yourself that you can do it, that anxiety will dissipate and you will feel a wave of 'wow'!

CLICK ON AN AREA YOU'RE INTERESTED IN. Whether it is the sewing pattern business, or creating your garments for customers to sew up all over the world.

ART LICENSING Perhaps you're an artist and wish to get your art out there. I have some great experiences to share with you, Take a quick survey to find out more.

Build your very own business!


Here we will delve deep into your design, finding your signature, building the product, and creating your brand.

Imagine generating sustainable revenue with something you love to do!

Yes, you're in the right place.


Take the quick questionnaire, and let's take it from there!



Sewing Patterns

Designed for a niche audience,

with designs never before seen in pattern form.

Inspired as a support marketing strategy to fabric sales, TG developed this unique collection of print patterns. Pioneering the download pattern format for at-home printing, which resulted in a new and significant revenue stream with a global audience. 

Brand Story

SEWTG sewing patterns focus on a niche audience with a particular point of view. Targeting women 45+ who prefer looser styles, and a certain layered look. With over 150+ designs to choose and mix and match with, the brand developed within a relatively short time.

Focused on SM marketing - Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram advertising, online video chats and multiple distribution channels the brand has grown into a global resource for passionate home sewers.


The product speaks for itself in quality and style, so word of mouth and private Facebook addict groups have grown over time. Product is offered in print and download formats, of which download purchasing has outgrown print sales. 

With a subscriber program offering multiple levels giving members discounts, free product and access to workshops and the related publication, SYCHIL featuring existing and new product hacks, tips and profiles. Our customer experience offerings have increased in order to retain and acquire customers.

Automated lifecycle marketing efforts have proven highly successful in growing and offering advocacy for our customers.



Licensed Textile Designer Apparel,

Quilt, & Home Markets

TG designed a series of collections for FreeSpiritFabrics®, then owned by Coats,


2006 - Present


Pottery Barn, Au Haus

Coats & others 

Quilting Manufacturers


2012- Present

Portfolio of designs showcased and purchased by

Apparel & Home Markets

Customers included: Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Free People, West Elm, and more.



Apparel fabrics for bridal and event categories.


Cid Pear


Lead Stationery Vendor at Bloomingdales NY

2004 Cid Pear launched at National Stationery Market 

Response was astounding

Hit $1.2M in 2 years


Cid Pear had a specific POV in maintaining quality textured papers, lined envelopes and pretty watercolor artwork with a sense of humor and whimsy. 

A pioneer animated website with capability of real time design for customized stationery products.

Brand went on to a licensing agreement with CCS Industries, CR Gibson.

flower bride.jpg
daisy cupcake.jpg
blue hydrangea.jpg
green floral shoe.jpg
lady fingers.jpg

Brand Story

Cid Pear was born from illustration and surface design by Tina Givens. Whimsical characters were featured on ivory textured watercolor paper, and included coordinating envelope liners. 

Products initially included foldover cards, flat stationery cards, invitations, bridal sets and an incredibly popular enclosure gift card measuring just under 3" square with a matching fully printed envelope.

winged ele.jpg

2008 brought sales down considerably but the unique and high-end bridal and baby announcement series, offering customized printing and design services, increased the category sales. 

At this time, TG developed a website with an interactive customizable program for users. This was innovative at the time and further increased sales.

Product offerings increased into gift items in 2010 and in 2011-2014 CR Gibson, a CCS Industries owned gift and stationery manufacturer, licensed the entire brand.

This gave Cid Pear increased exposure and opened up the product offering into ceramics, glass, and paper gifts.

Trade shows and sales reps included National Stationery Show • NY Now (then NYIGF), Atlanta & Dallas CR Gibson showrooms and other regional shows. 

Catalogs of all products were shipped to thousands of stores within the USA, Canada and to the international gift market.

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