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Interactive look books, imagery and inspiration filled pages are excellent achievers in capturing a targeted audience's attention.

Offering value, information and how-to while belonging within a community of like minded people.

Cleverly positioned, digital magazine formatted publications engage and illustrate a brand's voice clearly.


Below please find

a few favorites

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SYCHIL reaches 18,000+ readers per month, decreased customer churn rates  by 55% and increased customer acquisitions by 67% since it's launch late 2017.

SYCHIL: 32 printed pages ; or 64 page digital document available as part of the club subscription or purchased as a stand-alone product. Digital sales and readership accounts for 82% over printed.



AW 19 Portrait

Wardrobe Planner

SS2013 Dance

2017 Piecemeal Fabric Collection

Tina Givens is one of the most talented artists I've ever had the privilege to work with! Her creativity seems to never end, it flows like a wild river. After all these years I'm still astounded to see how many wonderful designs she can create in a short amount of time, yet still keep them fresh and imaginative. She is fun and funny to work with, I always enjoy our meetings, phone calls and emails. Tina is one of a kind! 

Matt Agnew

Digital Fruition, llc

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Cid Pear Catalogs

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