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I believe that when art and design align with a brand's strategy, magic happens. It's that simple.


I am highly creative in developing unique and strategic assets such as art and illustration, art direction, graphic design, and product design. I excel in conceptualization, team building, and collaboration to bring innovation and unexpected elements to life. In today's digital world, it is crucial to consider both the online and offline aspects of a brand, from product creation to customer experience. 


My mission is to create joyful, extraordinary, and unexpected art for my clients. I always foster innovation and reinvention.


As a textile designer and a love for all textiles, I sew. I create beautiful garments and quilts. I manage a sewing pattern business as one of the largest independent pattern designers within a loving and inspirational community!

I have been a Creative Director for companies who wish to build their brands or create new ones. With creative prowess and brand strategy, I have curated artists from around the world for brands including MIDWEST TEXTILES and BENARTEX Fabrics. 

I also manage a boutique garment collection, made to order for my clients around the world.


Licensed all three brands in different categories including paper and stationery, gift market, accessories, textiles, and apparel. 


I come from a fiercely entrepreneurial family in Africa, including artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. I learned at an early age to go after what I wanted in life. After years in the Corporate arena, I gained much knowledge in sales and marketing. Leaving it behind to pursue my art career! It is true to simply follow your path where it leads, and grab onto opportunities only if they meet your personal agenda and career path. It will all lead you to a joyful and loving work life.


I work with many personalities whether in the art world, craft businesses, corporate organizations within the creative markets, or just folks who want to start their own business.

It is my pleasure to share what I do!

I live in Michigan, USA with my life partner Tom, who appreciates artists and fills our home with unique and spirited art. I have three grown children including a pair of twins who make me laugh every day! I treasure them. My sister lives in Chicago and has a big-time career in high-end menswear. She inspires me through my days! Mom and Dad are snowbirds from Toronto to Naples Florida and are ever supportive and honest!

That's me in a nutshell!

My beautful studio is filled with light, with my artist table, work area, sewing machines, graphic designers and seamstresses.

I delight in having such a fabulous life.

I welcome your queries for art anytime.


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About tG




I am delighted you are interested in who I am.

My art background spans, well, my whole life.

Whether pencil and paper, watercolor, digital art on an iPad, or Illustrator - it is a passion and a daily joy.

I have been a licensed artist for 12 years 

in stationery, gift products, apparel, and quilting textiles.

I am adept at preparing files with my team to create workable, separated files for any textile application, book covers, and stationery.

I have three brands in art:



Art is sophisticated and fun. Complicated and storytelling.



A bright and bold approach to art with clever details and a nod to the unexpected.



Watercolor characters and backgrounds for children, everyday, holidays, and more. Fun creatures in a whimsical yet sophisticated hand.

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