I believe when art direction and design meet a brand's strategy, we can make magic happen. It's that simple.

I am most definitely a hybrid between crafting innovative brand strategy and producing effective creative direction. My background includes brand building and growth, licensing, creating assets including art and product design.

My mission is innovation and reinvention, always, through beauty and creative prowess.  Our world is digital, but also very much live and in person through product creation, touch and feel, product delivery and customer experience. All digital visuals and funnels we create for and within an ever changing platform, while considering customer preferences - need to have a seamless reflection of the brand, product and human experience.  The essence in a brand's strategy is to capture and advocate for customer and brand. Without accurate art direction and design, we can not succeed.


By harnessing creativity, technology and culture we can build amazing human-based experiences with originality and authenticity.


I am a creative leader with 25+ years of brand strategy and creative direction. The last 14 years have been refining digital and print consumer marketing campaigns. By facilitating interactive experiences for consumers within a digital environment; And with extraordinary visual identities and funnel touch points we can enable customers to achieve either an objective, experience or  learn and gain inspiration.  Leading to the highest conversion rates through beauty and appropriated art direction. This is what I do!


I have directed and led design teams, executed severely complicated and massive campaigns both off-line and on-line. I am a logistics fanatic who can easily break down any issue or objective to achieve what we are looking for. I revel at the thought of creating innovative, strategic and creative solutions. 

Growing up in Africa from a fiercely entrepreneurial family, from opening the first movie theater in a tiny town in the 1930s; to owning a fleet of automotive dealerships across southern Africa, I was taught that I could accomplish, well, almost anything!

Migrating to Toronto Canada, I began my career in advertising on brands like Audi/Porsche Canada, Bermuda Board of Tourism, and more.  My journey took me to smaller agency business and creating change, then VP Marketing for a cable company launching into the digital world.  Children came (3 in 2 years) and after that launched a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Building brands with a creative prowess including gift and paper, apparel and textile design. Each brand developed and gained extraordinary follower counts. This led to releasing them to larger entities.

I can't wait to talk to you.


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