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Art direction is a powerful, intangible tool and when used wisely it communicates, confronts, illustrates and inspires. This is an obvious crucial element in crafting a brands voice, personality and cause especially in todays visual world.

Scroll down to find a multifaceted portfolio of beauty, femininity, color, illustration and typography. Whether it is in the placement of an unexpected detail, word or expression, through art direction we can create beauty, inspiration and experience for our customers. 


My love for anything printed is obvious in what I put onto paper. I believe in beauty, placement and extraordinary imagery.

Art direction flows from concept,  on set, into typography, printing and delivery.

My experience spans all printed applications including catalogs, look books, magazines, stationery, pattern covers, stationery, hang tags, trade show exhibit imagery, self promotion and more.


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SYCHIL is an inspiring style and craft magazine targeting a niche sewing customer.

The magazine was created to retain the existing customer base and acquire new customers with an unexpected support-piece to be used in conjunction with the primary product offering.

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